How to cancel

Updated on May 23, 2024


If you're still on trial

If you are still on trial, and never provided your payment details, and never started paying, you don’t have to do anything. Your account will go idle at the end of the first 14-day period and will be automatically deleted by our systems after a further 7 days.

If you subscribed to Nembol via Shopify Apps Store

If you are a paying user and subscribed to Nembol via Shopify Apps Store (you know it because you are billed for your Nembol subscription within your Shopify monthly bill).

Please log in to your Shopify store and just uninstall the App Nembol.

This will tell Shopify that you wish to stop being charged, starting from the subsequent billing period.

Once this done, your access to your Nembol account will remain active till the end of the period you’ve already been charged for, although the connection between Nembol and Shopify won’t be working anymore for you, because you interrupted it with the App uninstall you just performed.

Please note that Shopify may charge for an App cost up to 30 days after a Shopify user actually subscribed to the App, therefore you may see a charge called Nembol in your Shopify bill well after you uninstalled Nembol from your Shopify store. This doesn’t mean you are being over-charged. Shopify manages these charges, not Nembol.

If you subscribed through website

If you are a paying user, but you created your account directly on the Nembol website (you know it because you are charged by Nembol is a separate monthly charge appearing in your credit card statement).

  1. Please log in
  2. Go to your Billing and Usage section
  3. Click “Manage your subscription
  4. Click “Cancel my subscription

Note: Please cancel your subscription before the renewal date, to avoid being automatically charged. No worries: your subscription will remain active till the end of the period.